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+NOTE: You may need need to change the ZNC module path. The example below is for ZNC systems configured from the Running ZNC as a system daemon section in the ZNC wiki.
+Holo@znc:~$ curl -o ~/push.cpp
+Holo@znc:~$ znc-buildmod push.cpp
+Holo@znc:~$ sudo cp /var/lib/znc/modules/
+Holo@znc:~$ rm ~/
+Holo@znc:~$ sudo systemctl restart znc.service
+NOTE: If you are having problems compiling see the Compiling modules section in the ZNC wiki.
+Now, load the module in ZNC:
+/msg *status loadmod --type=user push
+Once you have the device token copied (from settings inside Igloo), we need to set up the push service to send push notifications to the device.
+/msg *push set device1 token
+NOTE: You can have up to 5 different devices configured for push. Replace device1 in the above command with device2 etc.
+Test to see if push notifications are working
+/msg *push send test